BFA is an organization that provides members with source materials for tracing lineages and preserving family records and information for descendants and future researchers.
We are based in both Texas and Alabama, where we are licensed as a legal non-profit corporation.
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This page was last updated on: August 5, 2015
Westview Plantation, 1841 - 2014 Morgan County Alabama.  Photo taken in 1990.
Who We Are
The Burleson Family Association was founded in March, 1981, for the purpose of assembling, distributing and preserving genealogical and historical material pertinent to the various branches of the Burleson Family.  All persons connected to the Burleson Family through blood, marriage, or adoption, with the various spellings of the name, are entitled to membership, as well as all other persons, libraries, genealogical, historical, and patriotic societies interested in the Burleson Family.  The Association  promotes Family Reunions for the preservation of current and historical data.  In order to accomplish these objects, a periodical called the Burleson Family Bulletin has been published and distributed during the last 28 years.  BFA has had over 1395 members, active and inactive, during these years and continues to be pleased with the status that the Bulletin has achieved with other historical and genealogical organizations.
Coming Events
Our 2015, 34th Annual Reunion and Board of Directors Meeting will be held in Bastrop, Texas.  The dates will be April 10th through the 12th  For more information, select the "Register For Reunion"  button below and get all the details and you can also fill out your registration form. This next years reunion will again require early Registration as we must have the numbers for various planned activities.  Make your plans now to attend.    To see some cool photo's of the Waco reunion in 2005, click the "Reunion Photo's" button.   Use the "For Reunion Information" button below to contact our VP of  Socials for more details.
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Total All-time Membership  1,425
Present Active Membership   350
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