Sale of Products
Rules governing product sales at Reunion
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Request to sell items at Burleson Family Association Reunions

If you have items you would like to sell at our reunions, please supply the following information and return to:

Sigur Lassiter,
901 Rolling Drive,
Athens, TX 75751

Items to be sold

How much table space will be needed (based on normal fold up table)

    We request that you send us a photo of the items you wish to sell, making sure all writing, prints or pictures are clearly visible.

The following requirements will be followed:

1) Items should be of BFA, Burleson, Genealogical or
     Historical Nature.
2)  No wording with double meaning will be accepted.
3)  You will be charged a flat fee of $10.00 for each table
     you request. Funds will go to the BFA.
4)  Space will be on a first come basis and may vary at
    each reunion location.
5)  Sales will be limited to Friday night gathering and
    our Saturday morning workshops.
6)  No items will be sold at the board meetings or at the
    Saturday night dinners.

All requests should be mailed to me. These requests will be approved by me and our President, James Walsh. I ask that all requests be in written form.  Photos or samples are to be sent to me no later than April 1, 2005.

Thank you,
Sigur Lassiter
903 677-1565