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Thanks for your interest in the Burleson Family. Let us tell you a little about the Burleson Family Association.

      Our purpose is to preserve Burleson family history and to share within the pages of the Burleson Family Bulletin the research efforts of our members, so that researchers can find proofs of their own Burleson lineage. We wish to preserve Burleson family history not only for current but also for future Burleson researchers of all branches of the tree in the United States and Canada. Our members are requested to send to the Editor of The Bulletin copies of any evidence of relationship which we have not previously published in the Bulletin, so that new information may be shared with all our members. In order that all our members may know what has already been published, we mail, every two or three years, an updated Subject Index booklet to all our active members. At the conclusion of each volume of three issues, we send our members an individual name index to that volume.
     We publish probate records, marriage records, death records, land, military, pension, deed, cemetery, census, bible, vital statistics, old family letters and photographs, obituaries, etc. - and we even have a section called "The Family Today" featuring Burlesons who appear in current news items (marriages, anniversaries, honors received, etc.). From time to time we feature a well-documented Family Group Sheet, accompanied by old family pictures when they are available.
     The Burleson Family Bulletin functions as a "clearing house" of documented research, so that our members can avoid duplication of efforts and not waste time looking for records that someone else has already found. It is our policy not to publish undocumented information, but on those occasions when we do succumb to that temptation, we always label it as undocumented. We do have a place for family history stories, those interesting "camp fire tales" and such, and that page in the bulletin is called "Reminiscences."
     Standard dues in the BFA are only $15.00 a year, which includes the Burleson Family Bulletin, Which now averages 40 pages per issue. Our modest dues are quite a bargain considering the tremendous amount of genealogical information published by us.  We believe that the Bulletin is one of the finest publications of its kind  in America.  At least, many folks have told us so.  You may join at any time during the membership year and receive the issues of the current volume, which have already been mailed to the membership. You will also receive a certificate of membership with your membership number and our current Subject Index booklet. Back issues are also available on CD's only at $6.00 per individual issue or $20.00 for an entire volume.
     Also available to members is a Flash Drive with the entire set of Bulletins from Vol. 1 through Vol 24, plus the Subject index.  The cost is $60.00.  Information on ordering the Flash Drive can be found on the Web Site.

Regular Membership dues are: $15.00
Contributing Membership:  $37.50
Sustaining Membership :     $75.00
New Membership with Flash Drive: $75.00

 and you may send them along with your registration form to:

Burleson Family Association
VP, Membership
Kaye P. Mills
14343 Markham Glen
San Antonio, TX  78247

Please make checks Payable to The Burleson Family Association.