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This page was last updated on: November 30, 2013
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If you would be interested in serving in some capacity, please select one of the following:
We at The Burleson Family Association invites you to fill out this registration form and submit it to our VP, Membership.  He will hold your registration form until he receives your check in the amount of $15.00 for a one year membership.
Have you ever been a Member of BFA ?
Please fill in all areas where information is available.  Those marked with an (*) are required.  Phone and email address is needed to contact you if necessary.   Click on the Submit button when completed.
    A copy of your submission will be returned to you with-in 48 hours.   Print and mail with your $15 check to: 

Kaye P. Mills
VP, Membership
14343 Markham
San Antonio, Tx  78247
Please Enter Your Bio or your lineage information Here:
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Please tell us as much about yourself as you can.  Include your background in family history research, organizations, business, Family, etc.  Also include your Burleson lineage as far back as you can.
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In order to serve as a board member or officer, the follow criteria must be met;

1.  Member of the BFA for at least one year.
2.  New Board members must have attended at least one reunion.
3.  Officers must have been a board member for at least one year.